Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Panda Panda in the M.E.N.

Panda Panda is no longer operating from Charlies on a monthly basis.
You can catch Panda Panda DJs downstairs at SAKI bar in Rusholme.
This will be on the last friday of the month.
£3 on the door gives you entry to Panda Panda and Underacheivers Please Try Harder which is upstairs.

check out this peice in the M.E.N.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

YO YO party people.

The next panda is shortly, on the 17th of April.

FRIDAY? yeah?

Charlies, Manchester.
we will be giving out Easter eggs and possibly a lovely goody bag to the first 15 thru the gates. so get there before 10.30 to be in with a chance as we open at 10pm.

so right, the panda crew are digging this...

lo fi pyhcadelic pop with lovely girly vocals by hairy men, with neat harmonies. on the same label as dum dum girls and the mayfair set.

and this...

MAHJONNG - problems

ok some of his stuff sounds like kanye west if he joined kraftwerk or 8bit dubstep but problems is ace for all its lazy drum breaks and woozy moog lines. doing that 70s analogue electro that white williams does so well.

listen to it on here.. along with some of the best music about.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Next panda, new bands

Right first off.

Panda Panda will be next on March 20th, which is a Friday as per....

Its at Charlies bar which is right in the centre of the manchester and is easy to find. there is a map on the flyer and on our Myspace and Facebook accounts.

It starts at 10 and goes on till bout 3am. Its £3 quid in with a flyer, which you can pick up in town or print off the nettle.

Also... thought i'd let you hear a couple of bands that have grabbed my attention lately....

School of seven bells have somehow manged to pass me by till quite recently, but they're ace. coming at ya like an etheral choral robot pressgang to hug the love back into your soul. They're an offshoot of Secret Machines, I am informed, who i am not entirely sold on. but they sound nothing like them guys anyhoo.


Hockey Night are a band I heard a fair few years ago and forgot about but i came across this song... which is the one I heard back then and remembered how kewl it were. They sound like Pavement at their best and the guitar sounds n riffs are well neat.



I've also got into early LL Cool J, Morning Benders and Fruit Bats (Shins side project) ( L L Cool J - I need a beat )

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Restiform Bodies

Check out Restiform Bodies. If you like Why? and Subtle and Neon Neon, these guys might just float your goat. Fuck like you got a reputation to uphold, y'all.

oh, and i think the video is a bit limp but that matters not.

Mirror Mirror

some beautiful phyche folk from the gloriously trippy and well titled "The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness" album


20th FEBRUARY - a date for Panda rocking

Okay, heres the 411 on the old Panda Club

Panda! Panda!
20th Feb
Charlies, Harter Street, Manchester
£4/ £3 with flyer
(pick one up in town, Aflex, Vinyl Exchange...)


animal collective, of montreal, why?, neutral milk hotel, capitol k, yacht, telepathe, danielson, deerhoof, micachu, dan deacon, beck, the cool kids, the blow, the cure, broken social scene, jeffrey lewis, shins, noisettes, postal service, the pixies, ... and also another band who shal remain nameless for legal reasons.




Obscure Toffe crisp commercial referances aside, I am just posting to see if my blog thing has worked. It will be a site updated monthly with news on Panda Panda, a club in Manchester, that plays Avanté Rock, leftfield pop, experimental indie rock... you know, shit you can dance to like a twat.

I'll also put up links to choons that the Panda Massive are digging at the mo....

reet i'll be back in a bit to tell you when to do a come.